E-horizon Resort Condominium Sesoko
E-horizon Resort コンドミニアム 瀬底
〒905-0227 沖縄県国頭郡本部町瀬底2268
☎ 0980-43-5229
MAP CODE 206 824 078


Ordinary days


Hi there! This is "E-horizon resort condominium SESOKO ".

How are you there??
We are having nice and warm days recently :)

As we remain lots of nature, it is so easy to stop and look at the sky while the sun goes down....

(Sesoko Island is in the middle and there is the bridge "Sesoko Oohashi" which connects island and main land of Okinawa in the left side of pic.)

Or even before the sunset, you can enjoy the view of blue sky and ocean widely spread in front of your eyes ....

Whenever you want to spend time in nature, please come and visit us!
Not only us, those beautiful seans are waiting for you :)

Any questions about your stay are welcome!

Have a good night!! , and see you soon!!

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