E-horizon Resort Condominium Sesoko
Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami-gun
Honbu-cho Sesoko 2268
☎ 0980-43-5229
MAP CODE 206 824 078


Shared facilities of E-Horizon resort condo sesoko

All rooms wrapped in high-class impression E-Horizon resort condo sesoko of ocean view.
We support both tourism and long stay in Okinawa.

Parking area(free)

Free parking area just next to the hotel
MAP CODE 206 824 078

Sharing kitchen(free)

We have a system kitchen with prepared cookware next to the shared lounge.
It is possible to cook food ingredients and fishing obtained during trave. For the long stay guests are getting popular with the 2 doors fridge in the room.

Sharing lounge (free)

A sharing lounge for 8 rooms, 12 lounge in this hotel.
You can use for meeting for groups or communication with Okinawa lover traveler in same floor.

Laundry room

18 of laundry and dryer(charge)
When you use the dryer, please ask reception.

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