E-horizon Resort Condominium Sesoko
Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami-gun
Honbu-cho Sesoko 2268
☎ 0980-43-5229
MAP CODE 206 824 078


Popular place near the hotel

Nearby attractions

Kaiyouhaku park

Tropical, subtropical Greening Botanical Garden takes 15 minutes by car.
Recommended walking.

Churaumi aquarium

This is the best tourist place in Okinawa.
You will see some intensity sea creatures.

Fukugi roadtree (fukugi namiki)

Okinawa traditional treeroad takes a half hour by car.

Emerald beach

Emerald green and Cobalt Blue ocean borders emanate with vivid colors that can not be worded. Emerald beach is a beach within a rare lagoon (lagoon) in Okinawa.

World Heritage : Nakijin Castle ruins

Historical Gusuku on the main peninsula. History of Gusuku, which was also registered as a World Heritage Site, is old, and recommended the spring season.

Kouri bridge

Kouri island is 1km radius and the surrounding area is 10 km.
You can see the beautiful sea from the Kouri bridge that Yagaji island and Kouri island are bridging tie.

Sesoko beach

An island wrapped in rich nature, tied up with the main island of Okinawa by a bridge. Sesoko beach has a natural beach of approximately 800 m that you could see a beautiful sunset. There are also many tropical fish and coral reef. We recommended that to do snorkeling at the Sesoko beach.

Anchi beach

A lot of local people visit there. It is a beach where you can enjoy a lot of things such as marine sports and barbecue as well as sea bathing!

Restaurant and supermarket near the hotel

Churaumi kitcken PAPAIYA

This restaurant where you can enjoy original papaya dish right next to Wisteria resort.


Drive in restaurant Hawaii

A long-established restaurant with 40 years of establishment. Okinawa cuisine ,steak and hamburgers as well as western food,


Dinning Kishimoto

Boasting a history of more than 100 years of founding, it is a representative shop of Okinawa soba that can be in line before opening.

San A V21 Motobu

The supermarket takes 10 minute by car.
62-29 Tancha Motobu town Kunigami
Tel : 0980-47-7600
Open 9:00 – 24:00

The big Motobu

The supermarket takes 15 minute by car.
1-851 Ohama Motobu town Kunigami
Tel : 0980-47-5588
Open 8:00 – 24:00

Town plaza Motobu

The supermarket takes 12 minute by car.
13-876 Ohama Motobu Kunigami
Tel : 0980-47-2481
Open : 9:00 – 24:00

Activities near the hotel

Motobu Fishing Equipment Store

Beginner Family Couple can do tropical fishing.
When you catch the fish can be eaten in restaurants and Okinawan izakaya (taverns).


Ocean style

If you would like to do water marine sports, recommended this shop. They have boat snorkeling, parasail as well as a plentiful of manu.


Kayak club

You can enjoy sea kayak and sunset kayak. The end of June to early of November can night kayak.


Orion Arashi yama Golf club

18 holes to enjoy strategic and dramatic play. In the course we arrange colorful flowering plants and Okinawa trees peculiar, bunkers shaped Okinawa Main Island and Cattleya, and play expressing and clearance.

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